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There’s plenty going on in the bayernhafen Regensburg

With a total turnover of around 3 million tonnes by ship and rail the bayernhafen Regensburg is by far the biggest port in Bavaria when it comes to ship-borne freight turnover. Seen in a pan-European context it is one of the central freight hubs.

The site with a total area of 185 hectares hosts more than 80 companies from the forwarding / transport / freight handling / warehousing / packaging / recycling / industry / trade and logistics services fields that provide more around 1,800 jobs all told.
These companies employ staff with a wide variety of job descriptions from office, through technical to commercial staff.   

Many workers here are involved in port business and guarantee smooth handling of a colourful variety of goods.
Inland navigation vessels under a variety of flags and with different countries of origin deliver and pick up a wide variety of goods, and are embarked or disembarked by the impressive crane systems.

From whole trains through to individual wagons, the rail infrastructure at Regensburg port is well equipped for any logistics task. In what is known as combined traffic, containers and other loading units are transported from and two Germany’s maritime ports or to other freight hubs.

“In other words, there is plenty to discover!“

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