Information for pupils

Especially for school students, we have compiled the most important statistics.

Six locations - Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Roth, Regensburg, Passau – on the Main, Main-Danube Canal and Danube with direct links to the international rail and road network.

800 hectares of port area all told; this is equivalent to around 1,120 football pitches.

Goods turnover
Around 29 million tonnes a year by ship, rail and truck. A wide variety of goods from A-Z with e.g. automobiles, building machinery, containers, fertilisers, iron ore, and scrap iron, foodstuffs, generators and grain, wood and wooden goods, plastics and coal, agricultural products, machines and mineral oil, paper, quartz sand, steel and stone, turbines, wind energy converters, cement.

Economic factor
bayernhafen is one of the largest logistics networks in Europe. The individual locations are important drivers of the regional economy. Some 500 companies that provide approximately 12,000 jobs are based at these locations. The companies are involved in the transport, warehousing, logistics, services and production industries. Environmental and future researchers predict that the volume of traffic will continue to increase. Environmentally friendly traffic concepts will become increasingly important. The port connects roads, railways and waterways in a meaningful way. The combination of ship, rail and truck enables environmentally friendly and cost-effective transportation concepts. The following charts demonstrate the advantages of ships and rail.



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