1. Can you buy the properties on the port site?

No. To guarantee an ideal industry mix, the properties can only be used within the framework of a rental or leasehold agreement.

2. Which industries are given preference for the port as a base?

Companies that are related to the transport industry with bigger volumes, which can ideally also be processed by ship or rail. (For example manufacturing, industry and wholesale, logistics services, transshipment companies, shipping companies, transport-related services such as the tyre trade or filling stations.

3. What prices are the properties commanding?

There are no selling prices. The rental or leasehold rates are dependent on property size, location, layout, duration and other requirements. Plan your property of choice together with our Real Estate Department. We will gladly put together a proposal for you.

4. What are the advantages of leasehold?

Here you are dealing with “right of property for a limited period” that is stipulated in the leasehold agreement. Unlike buying a property no other financial means are required. Leasehold ground rent is invoiced bi-annually. Unlike rental property, leasehold property can be burdened with ground rent debts and mortgages (physical securities). 

5. Can existing real estate be leased?

As a rule we let the properties. The real estate is then developed by the contractual partner and investor respectively. Developed real estate can be leased and we will be of assistance in brokering such agreements on request. 

6. Do you offer port tours?

We will gladly conduct tours for pupils and students or anyone interested in logistics. The only prerequisite is that you bring your own bus or coach at your at own expense. 

7. Who is responsible for what types of transshipments?

If you have (special) goods that need to be shipped, the highly competent companies in the transshipment industry based at the site will gladly assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us to help you get in touch with the appropriate company. 

8. Does Regensburg have a pier for passenger ships? Where can I find information on routes and schedules?

The cargo harbour does not have any piers for passenger ships. The pier for this can be found at Donaulände in Regensburg’s city centre. Information can be obtained from "das Stadtwerk.Regensburg"  Tel. +49 (0)941/601-0 or at https://www.das-stadtwerk-regensburg.de/logistik/personenschifffahrt/.

For excursions by ship you are welcome to contact the passenger shipping line Klinger GmbH (www.schifffahrtklinger.de) or the passenger shipping line  Wurm und Köck (www.donauschiffahrt.de) for further information.

There is no regular schedule when it comes to shipping but several commercial centres can be accessed from the waterway. Contact the shipping lines to find out more or let us put you in touch.  

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