Rail traffic

bayernhafen Regensburg as a site of bayernhafen puts at the disposal of the companies based at its premises and their customers a high-performance port railway infrastructure with EOW technology, port railway station  and approximately 34 kilometres in rail tracks.

The railway infrastructure is connected to the long- distance DB network via Bahnhof Regensburg-Ost (the Regensburg East Railway Station).

Almost all of the port's properties, as well as all the quay facilities, have access to the port railway via a railway track link.  

This infrastructure is increasingly made use of by eco-conscious rail transport companies and shippers for rail-related transport logistics.  A total of approximately 75 switches, a railway port with EOW technology and trimodal transshipment options for combined transport round off the high-performance infrastructure.

Further information on the railways or information pertaining to the Infrastructure Access Framework Agreement can be obtained from our local railway administration.


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