Information for ships´masters

  • Ship registration takes place via USW channel 71
    or via telephone  +49 (0) 941 / 79 59 724 (answering machine)
    or via telefax       +49 (0) 941 / 79 59 740
    or via email

    Online ship registration is also possible:

    logbuch bayernhafen

    You can download the user guide for the logbuch bayernhafen here: User Guide logbuch (1,5 MB)

  • Drinking water at bayernhafen Regensburg can be replenished at special water tank stations / boats.
  • Electricity requirements Electricity can be obtained from the charging stations at West Port's (Westhafen) north quay. The port master is responsible for activation.
  • Refuse and waste removal
    Household refuse accruing on your ship can be deposited at the port at no expense during the transshipment operations. Recyclables, bulk refuse or problematic waste can be deposited at the waste recovery centre at Markomannen Strasse.
    In the event of dangerous substances having got into the port waters, please advise the port master’s office and the Water Protection Police without delay.
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