“Rolling Road instead of motorway standstill”

Rolling Road in bayernhafen Regensburg

Archive image (source bayernhafen): The Rolling Road in bayernhafen Regensburg

Traffic congestion between the Inntal motorway junction and the border crossing at Kiefersfelden is already a familiar sight on most days. Now the situation has taken a turn for the worse: On 4 and 27 October, 2 November, 9 and 11 December 2017 and again on 8 January 2018, trucks heading for Austria at the border were subject to block clearance. Only 300 trucks per hour are permitted to roll through the Inntal, and the 301st has to wait until the next block is due. This regularly leads to truck tailbacks up to the Inntal junction, sometimes even to tailbacks on the A8 - in the direction of Innsbruck/Salzburg as far as the Bad Aibling junction, in the direction of Munich as far as the Rosenheim junction.

 “In order to counteract this, we have to tackle the root cause of the problem,” says Joachim Zimmermann, Chief Executive Officer of bayernhafen Gruppe.” HGVs travelling over the Brenner Pass must have the chance to switch from the road to the Rolling Road, i.e. to rail. This is currently only possible from Wörgl in Tyrol – until they get there, trucks struggle on the road. It would be much better for the Rolling Road over the Brenner to Northern Italy to start at bayernhafen Regensburg. This worked reliably for many years, first in cooperation with the train operator ÖBB, then from December 2012 onwards in a joint venture between Trenitalia, Lokomotion, Trasposervizi and bayernhafen Gruppe. However, the Regensburg-Trento Rolling Road route was discontinued by the Italian State Railway in 2016. And the talks with ÖBB on restarting it are turning out to be tough. The escalation in traffic congestion caused by block clearance at the Kiefersfelden border crossing point shows that there is a great need for restarting the Regensburg-Trento Rolling Road route. I would urge the Austrian side, since it has already opted for the block clearance route, to now also actively develop alternatives. The Rolling Road on the Regensburg-Trento route, or at least Regensburg-Brennersee, is one such alternative. We are ready to restart the Rolling Road.”

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