Rail facilities

A high-performance railway infrastructure is available at bayernhafen Regensburg. The port railway station also makes provision for block trains to be parked there. The contractual accessibility of the bayernhafen Regensburg company-owned railways to the Deutsche Bahn AG network means our customers have access to the European rail network.

Rail transport at Regensburg’s port has increased noticeably in the past few years. The
rolling road terminal  that serves the truck to railway loading process is operated by bayernhafen Regensburg itself.

The port is giving great priority to make full use of the rail network and to have it culminate in a “Service Point” for private railways. Offering customers and companies based at the site the best possible rail services is a fundamental goal of the Regensburg port.

Further information on the port railways or information on the Infrastructure Access Framework Agreement pertaining to its use can be obtained from our local railway management.

The Infrastructure Access Framework Agreement with Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here.

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