Heavy cargo transshipment

Transshipment of either large volume or particularly heavy piece goods can be done using the port’s own equipment or a truck-mounted crane depending on tonnage:

Transshipment using the port’s own equipment
Up to 80 tonnes can be transshipped at the West Port (Westhafen) north quay.

Transshipment by truck-mounted crane
For piece goods with more than 80 tonnes, truck-mounted cranes up to 1000 tonnes can be deployed at the East Port (Osthafen) south quay.

Location of the heavy cargo transshipment points
Truck access is via the A3 federal motorway or the B8 arterial road via Passauer Strasse. There are no restrictions on heavy goods vehicle traffic on this road. The rail network in East Port (Osthafen) can be reached via Bahnhof Regensburg-Ost (the Regensburg East Railway Station) without load restrictions.

The West Port (Westhafen) north quay has a rail link with two quay railway tracks at its disposal. Road access from the A3 federal motorway, B8, B15, B16 arterial routes or Osttangente is via Linzer Strasse or Wiener Strasse / Auweg and Budapester Strasse.

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